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BRMTB has a vast range of tyres for all your vehicle needs. Passenger, 4WD, RV light, commercial, truck and Agricultural.

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Brands include: Mickey Thompson, Roadstone, Kuhmo, CSA, Speedy, Advanti and ROH




Modern tyre tread patterns, and the introduction of many front-wheel drive cars, have increased the importance of regular tyre rotation. (Front-wheel drive considerably influences wear on both the driven front tyres and the rolling rear tyres.)

Rotation can:

  • Maximise overall tread life
  • Even-out front and rear wear patterns
  • Quieten tyre noise and lessen vibration.

To maintain the direction of rotation, move the tyres from front to rear. Depending on tyre wear, consider rotating your tyres every 5 – 10,000 km.

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